Dato zaimi forex trading

May 2016:  The New Zealand FMA has added FXUnited to its list of Businesses to be wary of. Company seems to dato zaimi forex trading out of business.

Rjj FX offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. 35 forex currency pairs, bonds, gold and stocks for your personal investment and trading options. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. 10,000 as of 7-12-2017 we havn’t received on cent return! 4ft by 3ft pits of fire that satan has reserved for them in Hell. I joined fxu in August 2016 and “not a single cent” I’ve receive. After realising that I was conned, they kept telling me all kind of stories.

But in fact, all those Mib, IB, mini IB has get back their profit returns by keeping recruiting ppl. So that they can rolled the money for themselves. Anyone heard of Eagle Gates Group. Cabut and it seems another company called Sener Group has the exactly same website page and advertisement. Hopefully BNM do some investigation on Eagle Gates Groups soon.

IMA under Rjjfx has no solution to it except emails form so called Management which never materializes. EXPECTED to be released ONLY by Feb 2018. With all the previous empty promises i highly doubt this will be honored bu Rjjfx. I strongly feel lodging police report is the best option. It has been a month waiting and still i had not yet receive the promised bonus from IMA return since last May.

Usually it took 7-14 days but now seems like dragging it long. No news announcing about the delay. All IMA withdrawal approval pending for more than 20 working days. Broker promise to aprove within 10 to 15 working days but until now still pending. For people out there please avoid dealing with this broker.

Dear ALL FXUNITED RJJFX MONEY GAME SCAM VICTIMS. Father,Mother , Husband ,Wifes,Daughters and Sons, friends, relatives and offshore acc etc . Thanks to the coorperation from Bank Negara Malaysia,IRBM,CCM, etc and other Central Banks in the region . The police still receiving fresh report regarding FXU and MIB,IB,MINI IBs and investigation and traces is still ongoing. The police also received reports from FXU scam victims of threatening statements from MIB,IB,MINI IBs and FXU management recently.

Is FXU and MIB,IB,MINI IBs already feel the HEAT? The Police already communicated with INTERPOL and their counterpart in Indonesia, Philippines,Singapore etc and INTERPOL already assisting the police into investigating FXU regarding their offshore forex operations and management and staff etc. Other IB,MINI IBs outside Malaysia also subjected to investigation by their respective police etc . Rest assured, the police will leave no stone unturned. The investigation is still ongoing ,so to all fxu scam victims which did not lodge police report yet , PLEASE DO SO !