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Earlier this year I got to work with the outstanding food journalist Chris Demokonto forex peace-Smith on the pilot for a new CBC podcast. It’s a nerdy, quirky deep dive into everyday food. Each episode chows down on one food phenomenon, revealing the unexpected cultural ingredients. Part science, part business, part psychology. I think it’s great, and I’m not just saying that because I helped produce it. Music has always been used to help us tell stories.

But music also tells its own stories. I’ve been working hard on this along with Denise Ball, the executive producer of In Concert. On the previous seasons of the Signature Series, you met personalities based on the major and minor key signatures. On Orchestral Tales, you’ll meet vivid characters inspired by the instruments of the orchestra.

Friday for the next ten weeks, starting on Friday, January 6th. There are few places right now that have the electricity and the energy that is flowing through the city of Shanghai. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of the incredible skyline that’s sprung up in record time. In 2015, I was lucky enough to attend the Shanghai Spring International Music Festival at the behest of the WFMT Radio Network. On Shanghai Spring, you’ll get a front row seat at the Shanghai Spring Festival and get a look at bustling Shanghai in all its glory. You’ll also be transported to rip-roaring, cosmopolitan 1920s Shanghai, when the seeds of Western classical music began to take hold in China.