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What are the most recognized Mooncoin channels? What is the history of Mooncoin as a cryptocurrency? Where can I buy, sell or trade Mooncoin? Are there limitations to the amount of withdrawal in the current exchanges? Different levels of daily limitation of withdrawal apply based on the verification steps done on your account. No, this fork will not include a burn of coins. No, this fork will not generate another coin as Bitcoin Cash fork did.

There is no exact timer for when the fork is going to happen because it depends on the ongoing hashrate of the mooncoin network. Hardfork to new codebase occurs at block 1,250,000, however Mooncoin 0. 13 wallets will be compatible until this point. What happens to my mooncoins during the fork? Are there other exchanges that will support Mooncoin anytime soon?

What is the best way to keep my Mooncoins safe? There is no doubt that the best way is to use a paper wallet: You can find a complete FAQ in the link below. Here the steps to import your private key back to a desktop wallet. From where can I download the latest desktop wallet? With a clean install of the wallet the whole blockchain of Mooncoin has to be downloaded. Why is the wallet not syncing?

WQKCW and copy all the nodes listed. Mining – Are there pools to mine Mooncoin? Mining – How is the reward schedule for Mooncoin mining? Please send your request on the Discord Channels or Telegram Channel. How is the fork estimate calculated? The fork will occur on block 1250000. The estimate is calculated using real time information from the network.