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Our Approach We believe the cornerstone of our success is our relationships. Our approach with new clients is to listen more than we speak, to understand your aspirations and obstacles and then work with you colin mochrie bitcoin chart provide solutions. Through this process we build knowledge and, just as important – trust.

With this trust we can chart your future and begin to build it today. Industry veteran Justin Sudds started his career as an entertainment booker for Canada’s largest campus followed by Vancouver two largest casino properties River Rock Casino and The Hard Rock Casino. Associates, Canada’s largest talent agency and management company, Justin found his passion for artist management and producing. He built a career working in non-traditional segments of arts and entertainment, which led him to start In Stride Entertainment in 2014. His work with with visual artists, performers, television brands, digital talent has been redefining what arts and entertainment can be. Justin has been involved with countless productions and careers including America’s Got Talent, The Price is Right, Markiplier, Hannah Hart, Colin Mochrie, Tracy Lee Stum, Dan Dunn, One-Man Star Wars and many more.