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Items underlined and carol osler forex exchange blue are hyperlinks. Those within the Table of Contents are linked to the relevant section within this bibliography, while those within the bibliography are linked to an external website. Principles of Corporate Finance, 6th Edition. This is THE TEXT used by most MBA programs carol osler forex peace the nation.

It is the King James treatment of corporate finance gospel. Most people who have studied finance at universities have learned from this book. I find this to be the best masters level textbook on finance theory. It hits the right level for math and thoroughness. It is clearly written and the graphs are readily comprehensible.

This text is more appropriate for PhD students in financial economics. It is very theoretical and mathematical, and the style of presentation will not be familiar to students not familiar with Arrow-Debreu treatment of microeconomic theory. Good overview of financial markets and the basics of financial theory applied to pricing bonds, stocks, and options. Not too mathematical, but rigorous and thorough and very accessible for the senior undergrad or masters level student.