Cara melabur saham forex

Cara melabur saham forex Lumpur: Overwhelming demand for the CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Theme Fund and CIMB Islamic Money Market Fund has resulted in both funds increasing their fund sizes to 2 billion units and 150 million units respectively. This represents the third increase for the DALI Equity Theme Fund and the first increase for the Money Market Fund.

The funds are managed by CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd and were launched earlier this year. Datuk Noripah Kamso, Chief Executive of CIMB-Principal Islamic said: “We are pleased to inform investors that additional units are now available for those who missed out on subscribing earlier. The encouraging response is proof that investors recognise the investment opportunities the Funds have to offer. I would like to thank our distributors for their support in making these Funds such huge successes. The DALI Equity Theme Fund is a Shariah-compliant fund that invests in Malaysian companies that will benefit from prevailing global and domestic investment themes, allowing investors to build a domestic portfolio as part of their core asset allocation strategy. The Fund invests in sustainable sectors that potentially give long-term, enhanced returns.

These include the oil and gas sector, which is driven by global energy demand, the plantations sector, which enjoys escalating crude palm oil prices, and the construction sector. Shariah-compliant equities listed on Bursa Malaysia. Meanwhile, the Money Market Fund invests in short-term Islamic money market instruments maturing in less than a year. As a tax-efficient alternative to traditional bank deposits, the fund seeks to provide potentially higher returns and allows investors to withdraw their cash anytime without penalty. Datuk Noripah added, “The DALI Equity Theme Fund optimises Malaysia’s resilience in the face of uncertainty in global markets and is suitable for investors willing to accept above-average to high-risk in their investments. This Fund also aims to provide stability by giving investors a potential steady stream of monthly income.

Jemputlah saudara-mara dan rakan-rakan untuk melabur sekarang. Kita sering mendengar orang berkata ”tetapkan matlamat” sebelum usahakan sesuatu. Ada matlamat jangka pendek, matlamat jangka panjang . Hubungi saya di talian 019-679 8639 – syamsul untuk pengisian M. Jadikan dirimu bagai pohon yang rendang di mana insan dapat berteduh. Esok pasti ada tetapi esok belum pasti untuk kita.

Beringat-ingatlah untuk menghadapi esok yang pastikan mendatang. Rahsia kejayaan hidup adalah persediaan manusia untuk menyambut kesempatan yang menjelma. Setiap mata yang tertutup belum bererti ia tidur. Setiap mata terbuka belum bererti ia melihat. Tentu ramai yang tak jelas dan nak tahu perbandingan. Prestasi meningkat selaras dgn prestasi syarikat.