Buy 20 bitcoin

Im wondering what is the easiest way to buy Ethereum without overpaying in commissions and fees. BTC Markets allows buying Ethereum using Australian Dollars. Ask spread can be very wide. Does anyone have any experience in this area, buy 20 bitcoin all seems a bit overwhelming at first.

I don’t know that company that if you want to buy shares you clearly have to pay commission and fees. It is quite cheap to buy shares these days. I have no recommendations but I have found that Commsec is quite good. I am sure there are many other brokers that can do the same.

Possibly join the above through the Commonwealth Bank or any other bank that offers this service of trading shares. Ethereum is a pump and dump cryptocurrency and you cannot buy it on the ASX. Ethereum is also hyped to sound technically impressive, but fundamentally it brings little new to the table and its attempt at Proof of Stake has been thoroughly debunked as non-consistent. Their proposed scalability solution is identical to merged mining as published by Blockstream two years ago, but as they’re con artists they’ve chosen to reband it and pretend they came up with something new.

BTC to Ether on Poloniex exchange. I moved thousands of ether this way and think its the most economical option. I understand now with a few searches and the main one being wikipedia. I think I still have 3 bit coins.