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We expect that with this initiative a larger number of developers and projects working on IOTA proofs of concept will be benefited and feel more encouraged. How to participate Each person is supposed to make one single request per day, please. The distribution is still manually managed, and it would be humanly impossible to attend a huge number of requests at once. To receive your iotas, simply fill the Request Form, providing us with the required information. After successfully submitting the request form, you will receive an e-mail message with further instructions. It shouldn’t be necessary to say that abuses will not be tolerated. If you want it, the website or blog of your project can even be added to our IOTA Projects list!

Merchants If you’re a merchant, and you accept IOTA in your business, you can also be added to the “IOTA Merchants” list in this site. Each of these are designed to make the world a better and more seamless place for us. Tied to this fantastic promise are of course a ton of obstacles to be overcome, of which one major one is micro-transactions. While it was developed as a solution to scalability issues faced in IoT, the underlying protocol is agnostic and can be applied in any other use-cases that utilize micro-transactions. In order to achieve these audacious goals IOTA’s design diverged radically from blockchain cryptocurrencies.

It still retains the core principle ideas of the distributed consensus blockchain, but in order to be able to scale to the size of the coming Internet-of-Things ecosystem with tens of billions of devices that are connected to each other, it needed to be very lightweight and efficient. This problem is solved by IOTA’s core innovation: the tangle. Tangle vs Blockchain IOTA’s blockchain solves the following problems of its blockchain cousin. Centralization of control As history shows, small miners form big groups to reduce variation of the reward. Although there are no known cases where pool operators abused their power, there have been several instances where the opportunity were present.