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But it’s not only people who want to break laws who might want to use TOR to protect their privacy whilst browsing the dark web. Here’s a quick list of legitimate uses for the Dark Web that you may not have considered. Dissidents in Authoritarian Regimes While this kind of activity is technically illegal in many countries, those of us living in the free world can surely get on board with this kind of usage of the Dark Web. By making their websites difficult to find and making its users anonymous, the Dark Web and TOR can help dissidents communicate and organize and decrease the chances that they get shut down and thrown in jail or executed. Writing There a huge number of book clubs on the Dark Web, where people get together to read controversial works.

Lolita could be troublesome for a lot of people. The Dark Web gives people a opportunity to read controversial works without fearing that others will find out, which could lead to misunderstandings. Plain Old Message Boards Don’t forget that anything like the Dark Web starts off as a bunch of tech proficient nerds trying something new. As such, you can still find a whole bunch of legit message boards, where nothing of particular interest happens, where nerds just talk about nerd stuff.

For more detailed information about the Dark Web, this subreddit is a great resource. The cryptcurrency world has experienced a lot of upheaval in the last couple of years. While the public at large still mostly associates the term cryptocurrency with bitcoin, or BTC, there are actually a number of cryptocurrencies that are rapidly gaining popularity. Each cryptocurrency has its own distinct characteristics. It’s the most widely traded, most widely used in transactions, and by far the most famous cryptocurrency option out there.