Bitcoin full node awesome

Receive all Bitcoinist news in Telegram! This allows easy migration of your code base to your own self-hosted payment processor. You want to support another currency than bitcoin full node awesome offered by Bitpay.

Bitcoin itself is decentralized, but payment processors are not . Is it open-source and how much does it cost? BTCPay is multi-tenant open-source payment processor, backward compatible with Bitpay API. It means that it is a payment processor which can be used to provide payment processing to multiple merchants. One install can support multiple merchants and multiple stores.

I created a one-click install for Azure users. Bitcoinist: Why did you decide to work on this project? ND: During the B2X debacle, Bitpay decided to force its customers to follow B2X chain. And those merchants were definitively not happy with Bitpay making the decision on what their businesses will consider to be Bitcoin. Bitcoin itself is decentralized, but payment processors are not, and they use their comfortable position to abuse its customers.

ND: BTCPay can be hosted by yourself. This means that you are in control of the full node. Nobody can force you about what version of Bitcoin to accept. It makes migration from Bitpay easy. BTCPay can easily fork all open-source plugins developed by Bitpay or its community and adapt them with minimum change to work with BTCPay. This is what we did for Woocommerce plugin. Other plugins will be supported on demand.

Changelly integration is on the roadmap. It will be possible to pay an invoice in several cryptocurrencies. Lightning Network is on the roadmap as well. This can be retrieved from your own Electrum wallets, Trezor or Ledger easily.