Best forex trader 2014 toyota

Enter the best forex trader 2014 toyota you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months. Gamuda – What if Gamuda wins MRT3 turnkey contract?

I guess this is as good as dead. Tun M doing good for the country as all those crony companies got jobs done with inflated prices and others? Why your posts here and GKent only? Already said bankers crooks to make M’sia bankrupt. Pity BN govn conned by the heartless bankers. This project kena pay fine also must cancel. BN fault to be blame for their loss.

If only Gamuda, GKent exist in Bursa why must list so many counters? Just before GE14 Gov’t approved short selling ! Now some people making big money just shorting the shares and bringing the counters down down down. But not sure Gamuda will bounce or not great to watch. Gamuda buy MRCB buy Gamuda ? 400k but not taking profit ! Taken profit masuk pocket 900K !

But i treated as donation to PH. Imagine, you loss now but you have better future as well as your generation else you make short term money that not enough to spend for your next generation or one day Malaysia goes bankrupt, you even regret. Plenty of good stocks other than construction counters, why only focus on this? PH turn out to be a complete disaster! If cut cost but axing big project but then implement another mega project, then ppl will view gomen cakap tak serupa bikin.