Bayar balik ptptn melalui maybank2u forex

CIMB Clicks: bank charges is RM0. PENYATA KIRA-KIRA PEMBIAYAAN UJRAH’ will pop out. If you have never bayar balik ptptn melalui maybank2u forex, do register first and log in.

After login in, you will see the below page and on the left hand side there’s a list in a box. As you can see there’s a WORD in BLUE at the bottom of the page says ‘BAYARAN BALIK MELALUI FPX’. Click it and FPX page will show up. The page below will explain on the splits of the money and on the extra charges RM0. Click ‘TERUSKAN’ to proceed for payment. Below page will pop up, choose maybank2u. After you choose which bank to use, you will need to login to your bank account.