Andreessen buffett bitcoin

Andreessen buffett bitcoin focuses on the innovation in personal finance and do-it-yourself investing. He makes early stage investments through Social Leverage.

He’s also an author of four books. Summary: In Episode 84, we welcome investor and entrepreneur, Howard Lindzon. Howard starts by giving us his background. He was a broker who felt the pain of the ’87 crash. In the aftermath, he got the angel investing and entrepreneurial bugs.

He also runs a fund, Social Leverage. Given that Howard has spent plenty of time in the public markets, Meb starts by asking about his public market framework, and how he approaches markets today. He uses the analogy of the great white shark and the pilot fish. Howard is a pilot fish, following the great white. I think it’s best to just follow along the trends. Howard believes this approach of following the great whites also works in the private markets. Howard expounds on that, focusing on how everyone needs a mentor.