Absa credit card forex

By donalene, August 19, 2009 in Money! We absa credit card forex on our way to Sydney.

Our flights are booked for 9 September and husband will commence his job in sydney 3rd or 4th week in september. Which bank in Australia also accept the absa visa credit card? I manage to draw cash with my ABSA card from a WESTPAC atm. I have withdrawn money and used my visa credit card in different countries and have never had any problems.

You need to let your bank know that you will be using your card abroad. I MAY NOT use my debit or credit cards when overseas. Ok, these people do work for the same company, right? I wouldn’t worry too much about the bank stopping your card. You don’t have to sign the reserve bank paper saying that you won’t be using your card overseas. It’s your right to draw money from an overseas ATM within your yearly travel allowance limits.