15 bitcoin miner

Eleven-year-old Jonas Tkacz of Antigonish is pictured hard at work mining Bitcoin. At 11 years old, Jonas Tkacz is a mine manager savvy at digging 15 bitcoin miner resources and wise with his pennies. But you have to account for electricity costs, which at 15 cents a kilowatt are about 30 cents a day.

His mine, in an upstairs room of his parent’s house in Antigonish, is a computer he has assembled from parts foraged out of a dumpster at St. Francis Xavier University where his father, Greg, works as a professor of economics. Bitcoin miners create the cryptocurrency by solving complex mathematical puzzles. Since December, Tkacz’s computing power has allowed him to amass 0.

02 worth, according to what the cryptocurrency was trading at on Monday afternoon. 900 at the beginning of last year. That led to widespread speculation and hype around the currency that is created and governed by software on tens of thousands of computers around the world. As excitement has spread around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like it, so have the scams and pitfalls. On Monday, the Nova Scotia Securities Commission issued a warning.